It is generally recommended throughout the carpet cleaning industry that homeowners should have their carpets cleaned at least once a year, but in between professional cleanings it is up to the homeowners to maintain their carpets. Professional cleanings remove dirt and grime that is embedded deep in the fibers that will not come out with regular vacuuming and they should be seen as the start of a yearlong cycle to keep carpets well maintained until the next cleaning. Homeowners can accomplish this by vacuuming regularly, taking some protective actions, and spot cleaning for spills.

The best method for keeping carpets fresh after a cleaning is to vacuum regularly. Although vacuuming does not clean as deep into the fibers as a professional cleaning, it will remove dirt and debris from the top half of the carpet before they settle deeper into the fibers and become matted. Homeowners should vacuum at least once a week to keep their carpet free of dirt and debris and it is even recommended to vacuum high traffic areas twice a week.

In addition to vacuuming, homeowners can also take some protective actions to reduce wear and the amount of dirt that reaches the carpet. This can be done in several ways that include putting mats outside the doors and rugs inside the home to catch dirt before it reaches the carpet as well as having family and guests take their shoes off before entering the house. Despite taking these protective actions and vacuuming regularly, accidents such as spills can still happen that can compromise the condition of the carpet. If a spill should occur, immediately clean the spill so that the carpet is not damaged or stained. A list of commonly spilled items and their household remedies can be found here in a previous blog entry.

Homeowners should view each professional carpet cleaning as the beginning of a cycle of regular maintenance to keep carpets spotless and free of debris. However, after about 12 to 18 months, regular vacuuming is no longer effective enough to keep carpets well maintained and another professional cleaning is needed to start the cycle over again. By regularly maintaining carpets between professional cleanings, homeowners can not only keep them free of debris but also increase their longevity. Contact Green T Carpet Cleaning to learn more about professional cleaning services or to schedule an appointment.