Very few furnishings around the home experience as much day-to-day contact as the carpet and as a result, the carpet collects dirt and other debris that may build up over time.  As this debris accumulates within the carpet fibers, it can cause the carpet to start deteriorating and even create an unhealthy environment within your home.  It is important to regularly clean your carpet by vacuuming at least once a week and having it professionally cleaned at least once a year to eliminate this dirt buildup.  Maintaining your carpet on a regular basis will greatly extend its life and help create a healthier environment in your home.
The main benefit of regular carpet cleaning is that it increases the lifespan of the carpet.  Debris such as dirt, dust, and allergens becomes embedded within the carpet fibers, especially in high traffic areas, and accumulates by attracting more debris which adheres to the dirt already in the carpet.  This build up will cause the carpet to deteriorate if it is not periodically removed.  The best way to help cut down on this build up is to regularly vacuum at least once a week to remove some of the debris.  While vacuuming will not completely remove every bit of embedded dirt, it will prevent it from accumulating between professional cleanings to help extend its life.
Another major benefit of regular carpet cleaning is that it could lead to a healthier environment inside your home.  Much of the dirt and debris that gets captured within the carpet fibers could trigger allergy symptoms and while vacuuming is effective for removing much of the debris; it could cause some to circulate in the air.  The most effective way to remove debris completely from the carpet is with professional carpet cleaning services.  Reliable carpet cleaning companies use the hot water extraction method which removes deeply embedded debris and the hot water kills allergens and bacteria to leave the carpet sanitized.  This method is also free of harsh chemicals which makes the carpet safe for use by people and pets shortly after cleaning.
By regularly cleaning your carpet with weekly vacuuming and annual professional cleanings, you can help greatly extend the life of the carpet and create a healthier environment within your home.  Make sure to follow a weekly vacuuming regimen to cut down on dirt build up and call for professional carpet cleaning at least once a year.  Green T Carpet Cleaning provides professional carpet cleaning services using the hot water extraction method to effectively clean and sanitize your carpet.  Contact Green T to learn more or schedule a carpet cleaning service.