The carpeting in a commercial building is exposed to a lot of foot traffic throughout the day which eventually leads to dirt build-ups and general wear and tear that could affect its longevity.  Performing general maintenance and cleaning routinely is beneficial for the carpet as well as occasionally hiring a professional service to clean the carpet.  But how often should commercial carpets be cleaned by someone in house or a professional?  The following is a guide explaining the benefits of maintaining a commercial carpet and how often it should be maintained and professionally cleaned.
Carpeting in a commercial setting should be cleaned and maintained in house regularly to increase its longevity.  This means that commercial carpet should be vacuumed consistently to remove dirt and debris from the surface to prevent it from sinking deeper into the carpet fibers.  If the carpet is not vacuumed regularly, the dirt and debris will build within the fibers which make the carpet even more of a magnet for more dirt.  Consistent vacuuming will prevent the carpet from accumulating dirt and deteriorating.
It is recommended that commercial carpeting gets cleaned every six months, though carpet that does not get heavy foot traffic can be cleaned once a year.  Regular professional carpet cleanings are important because they increase the life of the carpet and keep it looking clean.  While it is generally effective to have the carpet professionally cleaned annually or semi-annually, there may be instances which warrant an immediate professional cleaning.  A professional should be contacted if the carpet has bulges or bumps, permanent stains, pet stains and odor, water damage, or discoloration.
Green T Carpet Cleaning offers commercial carpet cleaning using the industry standard hot water extraction method.  This cleaning method safely removes stains, dirt, and other debris with a fast drying time so that businesses can resume operations quickly after a cleaning.  Green T offers monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual cleaning programs to ensure that our commercial clients always have clean carpeting that will last.  Contact us to learn more about our commercial carpet cleaning services and program and remember to have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly.