The number one enemy to any type of carpet is stains and when a stain occurs, it is crucial that you act immediately to remove it.  There are many ways to remove stains yourself using common household items but the type of carpet you own may determine which materials and methods are the best to use when removing a stain.  This post explains the best ways to eliminate dirt and food stains from natural fiber rugs and carpet as well as those made from synthetic fiber.
Dirt is the most common type of stain to find its way on household furnishings, especially carpeting, and it seems like no matter what precautions a homeowner takes, carpets and rugs still get dirt stains.  Here are some effective ways to remove dirt stains:

  • Natural Fiber Carpet and Rugs: If you discover a dirt stain on your natural fiber rug or carpet, start by vacuuming the spot to remove loose, dry dirt.  Next, make a detergent solution with ½ teaspoon of clear dish soap and a cup of warm water to spray on the stain and blot it with a dry cloth.  Then make a vinegar solution that contains one cup of white vinegar with two cups of water to spray on the stain and blot it with a dry cloth.  For the final step, reapply the detergent solution along with some lukewarm water and blot the area again with a dry cloth.
  • Synthetic Fiber Carpet and Rugs: Dirt stains on synthetic rugs and carpets need to be treated differently than stains on natural fibers.  First, vacuum the loose dirt then dab the stain repeatedly with a clean cloth dipped in a detergent solution.  After about 30 minutes, soak up the excess detergent with a dry cloth and dab the area with another clean cloth dipped in lukewarm water repeatedly before letting the spot dry.

Food stains are the next most common type of stain on carpet and the following methods should work to remove stains from all foods.

  • Natural Fiber Carpet and Rugs: When food or a drink spills on natural fiber carpet, you should first remove the food and pat dry the spilled liquids with a clean cloth.  Then, spray the area with a detergent solution and pat the area dry with a clean cloth.  After drying the detergent, spray the area with a vinegar solution and once again pat the area dry with a cloth.  Once the vinegar solution is dry, apply lukewarm water to the stain and blot it dry.
  • Synthetic Fiber Carpet and Rugs: Start by dipping a clean cloth into a detergent solution and dab the area repeatedly before pressing the cloth on the stain for several seconds.  Be sure to dry excess liquid with a clean cloth.  Next, repeat the previous step using a vinegar solution instead of the detergent solution and soak up any extra solution from the carpet.  After about 15-30 minutes, soak a cloth in lukewarm water and blot the area to rinse it.

While these methods can help you remove some of the stains on your rugs or carpet, there may be others that are best left to the professionals.  Green T Carpet Cleaning provides spot and stain removal to effectively remove stains caused by pets, food, or dirt using citrus based cleaning products.  Contact us to learn more about our stain removal services.