When it comes to deep cleaning around the house, most homeowners prefer to take a DIY approach to save money.  This approach can work for most home projects but with carpet cleaning, it is more beneficial to hire out a professional.  Carpet cleaning professionals have the proper equipment to deep clean into the carpet fibers and leave the surfaces sanitized in an effective and time efficient manner.  While it is possible for homeowners to clean their own carpets with DIY cleaning machines, there are some disadvantages to this that could come into play.
The first disadvantage of DIY carpet cleaning is that it is very time consuming.  It may take hours to adequately clean a carpet using a cleaning machine when a professional carpet cleaner can complete the job in about a third of the time.  Finding the best available equipment to clean carpets can also take a lot of time.  It is also virtually impossible to find equipment as good as that used by professionals which means it may take much longer to achieve the desired results.  The amount of time consumed by the entire process and the use of inferior equipment outweighs the money saved using DIY equipment.
Another disadvantage to DIY cleaning is that it is easy to make a mistake.  In order to use the carpet cleaning equipment correctly, you must have a complete understanding of the equipment and any accessories as well as knowledge of the detergents.  Some detergents could be harmful to the carpet or contain chemicals that may irritate people who have allergies.  It takes time and experience to understand the equipment and the detergents and even with this knowledge there is still a good chance of making a mistake.  Professional carpet cleaners already know exactly which equipment and detergents to use with each type of carpet which eliminates the risk of a mistake.
The final disadvantage of DIY carpet cleaning is that renting cleaning equipment can be quite expensive.  Typically, homeowners rent machines but even rentals can be costly with detergent, cleaning materials, and other accessories included in the price.  People who rent equipment may also have to pay a damage deposit or pay more if they damage the machine themselves.  The total cost of these factors along with the time it takes to get comfortable using the machine may not be worth the time and trouble saved by hiring a professional.
If you are looking to have your carpets cleaned and do not want to deal with the hassle of doing it yourself, contact us at Green T Carpet Cleaning.  We use the industry standard method of hot water extraction to deep clean and sanitize all carpet types effectively and efficiently.