Spring as arrived! With the arrival of spring comes the back aches of giving your house a good deep clean. Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry we have some tricks and tips up our sleeve to help keep those back aches at a minimum.

Write it Down

Keep a to do list each day. The seasons change frequently, especially spring in the Midwest. The beginning of the week is always different than the end weather wise. And with the season change, your house cleaning will also change. Create a household cleaning schedule, so you don’t feel discouraged when it comes to a deep clean of the house.

✔Priority Areas

Mom always told us to keep a clean bathroom and kitchen, because they are priority areas. Keeping your bathroom and kitchen cleaned can some times feel like a tiresome task, but remember this is where most people spend their time. By keeping these priority areas clean, you can focus your attention else where like closets and ceiling fans.

Starting Spot

Begin with your windows. Clean the inside and outside of all your windows. When that spring sunshine final hits your windows you will be able to see what areas need attention.

Change Filters

Change your filters often. If you plan on running your AC all summer, change your filters in the spring and the fall. By changing your filters you will help eliminate dust build around your home.
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Professional Clean

It is recommended that at least once a year to have your rugs, carpet, and furniture professionally cleaned.
An expert can remove more dirt and allergens than your regular scrubbing. We can help with the professional side of deep cleaning your carpets and rugs! Call us today (630)-231-9997!