The carpet experiences wear and tear everyday from the constant foot traffic and as a result it picks up dirt and debris that needs to be cleaned out to maintain its condition.  Professional carpet cleanings once a year are beneficial for maintaining the look and cleanliness of the carpet but it is up to the homeowner to maintain it between professional cleanings.  Many homeowners vacuum their carpets on a somewhat regular basis but there are some other carpet maintenance secrets that can help you better maintain your carpet.
As already mentioned, vacuuming is the most common way that homeowners maintain their carpet between professional cleanings.  The trick is in how often you vacuum the carpet.  Vacuuming the carpet and upholstery at least twice a week will remove debris and abrasive materials consistent enough to keep these surfaces clean and preserve their life.  Commercial grade vacuum cleaners are the most effective to use on carpets.
Some homeowners like to put plastic runners over their carpet for hallways and stairways but these runners have plastic spikes on the bottom that can damage the carpet.  There are protectors available for carpets that are made from a Teflon base that coats, seals, and protects the fibers better than plastic runners.  A high quality protector will repel water-based soil, oil-based soil, and dry soils to keep the carpet protected from all types of debris.
Carpet Brush
Using a carpet brush on the carpet before vacuuming is beneficial because it loosens the soil that has become embedded into the fibers so that it can be removed more easily with a vacuum cleaner.  Carpet brushes are ideal for removing pet hair from the carpet and there are hand brushes available that are perfect for carpeted stairs and upholstery.
Stain Removal
If you are trying to remove a stain yourself from your carpet, you should never spray the stain remover directly onto the spot.  Applying stain remover this way will release the surface tension and the soil will sink deeper into the fibers.  The best way to remove a stain is to soak a towel with the cleaning solution and dab it over the stain until the soil releases from the fibers.
The carpet in your home is used on a daily basis so it is important to make sure it is consistently maintained.  Having your carpet professionally cleaned once a year is the best way to maintain your carpet but following these maintenance secrets between cleanings can go a long way in preserving the look and life of the carpet.  If you would like to schedule a professional carpet cleaning appointment or learn more about proper maintenance, contact Green T Carpet Cleaning for more information.