Carpeting in commercial and residential settings experiences a lot of daily foot traffic and must be maintained on a regular basis to improve its look and extend its life.  Many carpet cleaning professionals such as Green T Carpet Cleaning provide services for homes and commercial settings to keep their carpets cleaned and well maintained.  There are several differences between typical residential carpet and commercial carpet as they are each made to different specifications.

  • Residential Carpet: Residential carpet is manufactured with comfort and looks in mind to contribute to the overall feel of the home.  The thicker carpet fibers and padding make for a more comfortable surface to walk on and they also absorb sound to create a quieter environment.  Padding is installed underneath residential carpeting to enhance the comfort and sound absorbing qualities of the carpet.
  • Commercial Carpet: Commercial carpeting is made to handle heavy foot traffic without becoming too dirty or worn out.  They are manufactured to different specifications that serve multiple uses and many of them come with some type of cushion or backing system.  The backing system affects how strong the carpet fibers are and how much foot traffic they can handle.

Cleaning Commercial and Residential Carpets
Over time, soil and other debris build up within the carpet fibers which could cause damage to the fibers and backing of the carpet.  Vacuuming the carpets on a regular basis is the best way for homeowners and business owners to keep them maintained but the most effective way to clean carpets is with hot water extraction performed by professional carpet cleaners.  It is generally recommended to have residential carpets cleaned once a year and commercial carpets cleaned every 6 months.  Green T Carpet Cleaning offers professional cleaning services for homes and businesses using the hot water extraction method.  Contact us to learn more about our carpet cleaning services or to schedule an appointment.