How to Protect Your Floors During the Holidays

When the holiday season is here, there is always a lot of work and preparation to do. Shopping, presents, and cooking, oh my!
One thing you may be overlooking though is preparing your floors for the holiday season.
Taking care of the floors is not the first job that comes to mind for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial.
With the holidays comes visitors, foot traffic, snow, slush, and lots of potential wear and tear. The cost of refinishing hardwood floors or replacing your carpet does not come cheap.
Save yourself some money down the line and try to protect your floors now.
Tips to Prepare your home floors for the holiday seasons:
The Front Door – The major threat to the floors during winter is the mix of dirt and snow that can make the entrance of the house slippery. Many homeowners use rock salt to make their entrance less slippery but these can stick up to the shoes of the visitors and spread all over the house. Rock salt is made of a material that can dull the color of the floor as the time goes by. It can also scratch your floors. Having a no shoes in the house policy can reduce the chances of damaging your floor.

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Turn down the heat – Everyone wants a warm home. However, the excessive use of heater can dry your hardwood and lead to a shrinkage and cracks on the floor. To keep the house warm without cracking your hardwood floors, use a humidifier to keep the moisture in the air.

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Clean quick and often – When people don’t take off shoes, or holiday drinks end up on the floor, make sure it gets cleaned right away. Keep a “cleaning kit” handy: a roll of paper towels, a microfiber cloth, and a spray bottle of carpet or floor cleaner. Keep the floors swept or vacuumed so all those salt crystals and debris get cleaned up right away


Protect your floor from Christmas tree – Water spilling out from your real tree stand can be bad for the floor. If you spill, clean it up as soon as possible. You can also try putting a plastic bag under your tree to catch the water and then cover it with your Christmas tree slip so no one sees it.
As for salt, sand, and other debris, frequent cleaning of hardwoods and laminates with a neutral floor cleaner will help protect against salt buildup. In high traffic areas, it is recommended sweeping daily and mopping once or twice a week.
Have a great holiday and protect your floors!

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Picture source: ESB flooring