With the holidays right around the corner, many of us are preparing to host close friends and family for holiday feasts and celebrations in our homes.  This means that the carpeting and furniture of your home will experience much more foot traffic than normal with a greater chance of food or drink spills.  As you prepare for your holiday gathering, you might want to take some time to protect your carpet, rugs, and furniture from potential spills and other debris from your guests.
Protect the Carpet
During family gatherings, family members from small children to adults are often moving about the house holding food or drinks which greatly increases the risk of a spill.  If you have expensive carpeting that you do not want stained, there are some prior actions that you can take to keep your carpet protected.  One way to protect a nice carpet from spills is to cover it with an inexpensive rug.  If you would rather show off your carpet than cover it up, you can also use carpet protection products to help resist staining in case of a spill.  Tablecloths can help prevent carpet stains as well because they absorb table spills before they can reach the floor.
Stain Treatments
As previously mentioned, stain protection products can be used on carpet, furniture, and fabric on dining room chairs to help resist staining.  If you do not have stain protection treatments, you can keep some household items handy that are known to remove stains in case of a spill.  A complete list of household remedies can be found here in a previous blog post and if a spill does happen, be sure to act quickly.
Drapery/ Upholstery Protection
While your carpeting is more likely to be stained during a holiday gathering, accidents do happen and it is possible that your drapery or upholstery can become stained in a spill.  Once again, upholstery and drapery can be protected with stain protection treatments, but if you cannot use these products before your holiday gathering, consult our guide for removing stains from upholstery here and keep these cleaning items on hand.
Before you have your family over to celebrate the holidays, take some time to treat or protect you carpet, furniture, and upholstery from potential spills and stains.  These types of accidents are almost inevitable and it is better to be prepared to act in case of a spill to prevent staining.  If a spill does cause a stain in your carpeting or upholstery that is still there after the holidays, contact Green T Carpet Cleaning.  Our experienced technicians use proven methods and products that can remove any type of stain from carpet, rugs, and upholstery.