The best way to get the most out of your rug or carpet is to provide regular maintenance along with yearly professional carpet cleanings for a thorough deep clean.  However, no matter how consistent you are with your cleaning efforts, there will still come a day when your rug or carpet will become worn out and need to be replaced.  It can be difficult for some homeowners to decide if their carpet should be replaced or if it just needs to be professionally cleaned since professional carpet cleaning can revitalize the appearance of worn out carpets.  The following are signs that you need a new rug or carpet.
The material of the carpet will largely determine how long it lasts as synthetic carpets tend to wear out faster and attract more soil than higher quality carpets made of nylon that are more resilient and stain resistant.  Over time, the fibers become matted down and with enough wear and tear; it can start losing its fibers.  If your rug or carpet has bald spots from missing fibers, it is time to replace it because no cleaning or repair service will save it.
Every carpet is installed with padding underneath it to absorb the impact from the foot traffic and protect it from wear and tear.  If the padding becomes worn out, the carpet will become uneven with wrinkles and you may also hear a crinkling sound when you walk.  You may need to replace the entire carpet along with the padding but sometimes replacing just the padding is sufficient.
Even if you keep your carpets clean and well maintained on a regular basis, they will still eventually succumb to old age.  As carpets and rugs age, they start to discolor, flatten out, and wrinkle towards the edges.  If your rugs or carpet show all the signs of aging, it is time to replace them.
Heavy Staining
Many carpet types come standard with stain-resistant finishes but these treatments wear out overtime and become significantly less effective.  This leaves the carpet open to all types of stains and while professional carpet cleaners can remove most stains, their methods may not be enough if the staining is excessive.  If your carpet is covered in stains that cannot be removed, it is time for new carpet.
Rugs, carpets, and their padding are all absorbent materials that can absorb and hold smells just as well as they can absorb liquids.  Over time, your rugs and carpets may absorb so much of a certain odor that you can no longer mask it.  The only way to get rid of a strong odor in the carpet, rug, or padding is to replace it.
If you are unsure of whether your rug or carpet needs to be replaced, take these signs into account when assessing their condition.  Your carpet or rug should be replaced if it has more than one of these symptoms but if its condition does not seem too severe, a professional carpet cleaning may be all it needs to revitalize its look.  Contact a carpet cleaning professional such as Green T Carpet Cleaning to schedule a cleaning service and see if your carpet or rugs need to be replaced.