Hardwood floor cleaning winter
Anyone else feel like they can’t keep their hardwood floors clean this winter?
Feel like you’re constantly busting out the Swiffer to get rid of those footprints and paw prints that being tracked across the floor?
Here are a few helpful tips that may help limit your floor cleaning.
Buy a weather durable mat.
Put down a weather durable mat by all doors to help take down foot traffic and it will help to soak up the moisture. Mats with non-slip back works best because they will not discolor your floors. Another key feature is one with absorbent fibers, this will help to lock in the moisture from shoes and winter boots.
Make sure to wash your mat, especially during the winter months. If your mat gets soaked, make sure to pick it up to help avoid warping and staining of the flooring underneath.
Clean up Spills and Puddles Immediately.
There will be times when you mat fails you, and family members and roommates can be messy. Cleaning up the up the excess puddles and spills right away can help to preserve the wood.
Try putting a dry mop or cloth near the doorways to help remind you to take care of that extra water.
A cloth/towel is must with dogs, because no matter the weather you must take them out even on the wet days, the cloth allows for you to wipe your dog down immediately, preventing the trail of paw prints.

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Ditch the Salt
Not only can salt be harmful to pets, salt can attack and break down the finishing on the floors. A better option would be sand or fertilizer. A less cost effected solution would be heated exterior mats or an in-ground ice-melting system.
Invest in Proper Cleaning Equipment
This wood flooring maintenance advice also applies to any season, but proper cleaning is very important in winter.  By purchasing a high-quality mop with microfiber, it will trap the dirt rather than pushing them around on your floor.
Sweeping and vacuuming your floors will also help keep them clean from debris throughout the winter months.

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Source: Unique Wood Floors
Image: Jacque Watkins