8 Reasons to Clean Carpets Before Winter
Clean your carpets BEFORE winter?
Shouldn’t you be waiting until after winter to get your carpets cleaned?
They’re only going to get dirty with dirt and mud anyway.
While it’s true that your carpeting is likely to get dirty during the snowy and slushy winter months, that doesn’t mean you should just do nothing and let them get even dirtier.
Carpet CleaningThere are many advantages to getting your carpet cleaning done before the first snow falls. In this post, we’ll review the benefits of getting carpet cleaning done before then.
1. Holiday guests – Even if you’re not having a gathering at your house, you still may have those cousins you haven’t seen in 12 years stop by. Neighbors and friends will be dropping by too.
2. Sanitation – Cleaning your carpets before/during the winter months can benefit your health as your air will be cleaner. You’ll be spending most of the winter indoors and “everyone” gets sick this time of year. Anything you can do for your health is a plus.
3. Clean out summer pollutants – Do you really want all those pollen spores, pet dander and bacteria from your windows being open throughout the summer sealed up in your home for the winter?
4. Extend carpet lifeRoutine deep cleaning increases the longevity of your carpeting, saving you money in the long run, and who doesn’t like saving money?!
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5. Longer lasting clean – It may be hard to believe, but your carpets stay cleaner for longer in the winter due to less foot traffic.
6. Drying Time – When you factor in less humidity and that you will obviously have your heat running, your carpets will dry quicker.
7. Simplify your spring routine – You know once spring rolls around, you’ll be getting your house ready for the summer, why not make it one less step?
8. Company availability – Most people typically get their carpets cleaned in the spring months, so why not get them done when the schedule is more flexible.

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