Chocolate reacts very similarly to tomato based stains in that heat will set them permanently. If your light carpet gets a seemingly permanent chocolate smudge, here is the best method to clean it up.
Combine a small bit (spoonful) of dishwashing liquid soap with a tiny bit of ammonia in a cup of cold/cool water. Pour a little of the mixture on the stain. Set paper towels over the top of the stain and blot with gentle pressure. Make sure to avoid a rubbing or back and forth motion which can spread the stain and push it further into the carpet fibers. Keep blotting until the chocolate has transferred to the paper towels.
If this does not work, use a hydrogen peroxide solution and let it sit on the stain and soak into the carpet for 10 minutes, or so. Follow up by rinsing the area thoroughly with cool water. This may not be the best method if your carpet is dark as hydrogen peroxide can discolor dark fabrics.
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