If your once perfectly clean carpet is tainted by a fresh red wine spill, follow these tips to help lift the stain as much as possible.
1. Blot as much of the stain as possible. Use an absorbent paper towel and blot in an up and down motion, careful to not push the stain out farther. Blot until the stain isn’t very damp.
2. Use cold water. Spray cold water onto the stain and continue to blot with the same up and down motion until the carpet is dry. Most of the stain should be removed before you move on to the next step.
3. Salt it. Pour table salt over the stained spot. There should be enough salt to make a small mound covering the stain. Leave on for a few hours, overnight is great. Scoop up and vacuum salt treatment.
4. Use a cleaning solution. After the brunt of the stain is removed a cleaning solution* can be applied. Again make sure to use the blotting motion instead of rubbing as the stain could still transfer and spread when re-wetted. Continue to apply solution and blot it dry until most or all of the stain is lifted.
5. Call Green T Carpet Cleaning. If your stain remains, despite the at home treatments, give us a call to schedule a carpet or rug cleaning. Stains that sit longer are more difficult to remove, so call as soon as possible.
*Cleaning Solution Ideas
Baking soda, white vinegar, or dish soap cold water can create strong at home treatments. Baking soda turned into a watery paste can be left overnight. White vinegar is a great cure all product and wine stains are no exception to its power. Dish soap can help as well but make sure to really water down the formula as to not create a sudsy, colorful new stain. Remember to use the blotting technique no matter what product you use.