One of the main reasons that homeowners generally have their carpets cleaned is to eliminate the bacteria and allergens hidden in the carpet fibers.  It is widely believed that allergens caught in the carpet accumulate and can trigger allergic reactions within the home.  While there is some element of truth to these sentiments, the risk of an allergic reaction does not simply increase in a home with carpeting.  Here are some common myths concerning carpets and allergies.
Myth: Carpets Cause an Increase in Allergic Reactions
The common belief behind this myth is that the presence of carpets causes an increase in asthma attacks and allergic reactions among those living within the household.  However, a Swedish research team discovered that while carpet usage in Sweden decreased between 1975 and 1990, allergic reactions sharply increased over that same span.  This suggests that there is no clear link between carpet usage and the occurrence of allergic reactions.
Myth: Carpets Trap and Hold Allergens
                Carpets actually do trap and hold all types of bacteria and allergens, but these substances are held tightly and very rarely become airborne, keeping the risk of exposure quite low.  These bacteria and allergens can be removed easily with regular vacuuming. Click here to learn more about these bacteria types.
Myth: Carpets Contain Latex which Causes Allergic Reactions
New carpets contain synthetic latex, not natural latex, which does not cause allergic reactions like natural latex.  The source of allergic reactions in natural latex is proteins that are not found in synthetic latex.
Myth: New Carpets Emit Volatile Organic Compounds
Just about every new interior furnishing and most building materials emit volatile organic compounds at least for a brief time.  Carpets have the lowest emissions level of VOC’s out of any indoor furnishing type and the emissions fall to negligible levels within a few days.
While the debunking of these myths shows that allergens trapped in the carpet pose little threat to trigger allergic reactions, it is still important for the life and condition of the carpet to maintain them and have them professionally cleaned annually.  The bacteria, allergens, and other debris that get trapped in the fibers can accumulate and eventually degrade the carpet.  Green T Carpet Cleaning offers professional cleaning using the hot water extraction method that removes debris from deep in the fibers and leaves the carpet sanitized.  Contact Green T Carpet Cleaning to learn more.