Areas of carpeting in a home that have the highest volume of foot traffic, such as stairways, tend to get worn and dirty pretty quickly.  Stairways are used quite frequently and in homes with carpeted stairways; the constant walks up and down the stairs can wear down the carpet.  The stairway carpeting must be maintained more regularly than other areas but it can also be a challenge to maintain properly.  The following are some tips that homeowners can follow to keep their stairway carpeting clean and maintained.
The best method of maintaining stairway carpeting is to prevent it from getting dirty.  This can be done very easily by taking precautionary actions like not wearing shoes in the house and avoiding walking up the stairs with food or drinks.  Removing shoes when entering the house is an easy rule to follow and enforce and it will greatly reduce the amount of dirt and debris that is exposed to the carpet.  Keeping food off the stairs is another way to protect the carpet.  Debris and stains from food and drinks can be just as damaging to carpet fibers as excess dirt and keeping all food on one floor of the house is the best way to avoid staining the carpet on the stairways.
While preventative actions can go a long way in keeping excess dirt and debris from building up in the fibers, the carpet on the stairways still needs to be cleaned regularly.  Carpeted stairs should be cleaned every other week with a combination of sweeping and vacuuming to keep them properly maintained.  Sweeping the staircase from top to bottom is effective for removing large pieces of debris that the vacuum cannot handle.  After sweeping the stairs, vacuum the carpet with a small handheld vacuum or hose attachment starting at the top and working towards the bottom.  Stairway carpeting has crevices and corners that collect dirt and debris and the handheld vacuum attachments can reach these spots easier and remove the dirt.  Following this routine every other week will keep stairway carpet looking clean all year.
Stairway carpeting is one of the most vulnerable areas of a home and one of the most difficult areas to clean, but with these preventative actions and cleaning methods, the stairway carpeting can be kept clean and in good condition.  Even with proper home maintenance, it is still beneficial to have carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year or if there are stains that cannot be removed with household methods.  Green T Carpet Cleaning provides professional cleaning and stain removal for carpets throughout the home including stairway carpet.  Contact us to schedule a cleaning or to learn more about our cleaning or stain removal treatments.