Tips to Clean Your House Faster Than Ever

Don't spend a whole day cleaning your home! Use these tricks to clean faster and save yourself time to relax on your weekend instead. 15 Tips to Clean Faster Have a System Clean Top to Bottom, Left to Right Squeegee Windows for a Streak-Free Finish Keep Proper Tools at the Ready Get Proactive Dust Without [...]

Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips

While tile is beautiful, durable, and typically easy to clean, grout can be another story. Its porous nature and location tend to make it a bit more of a challenge to maintain. Check out these handy tips to make the task a bit less painful! Mild Soap and Warm Water Mild soap and warm water [...]

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring as arrived! With the arrival of spring comes the back aches of giving your house a good deep clean. Not sure where to begin? Don't worry we have some tricks and tips up our sleeve to help keep those back aches at a minimum. ✔ Write it Down Keep a to do list each [...]

Getting Mud Out of Your Carpet!

Spring time and storm season is almost upon us, and with it comes lots and lots of mud. Whether it's from our kids or our pets, mud season is on its way. Here's a foolproof way to get the mud out of the carpet if it makes it further than the door. Step 1: Let [...]

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaner for Tile & Grout

1. A Lot of Cleaners Bring Their Own Supplies Cleaning the entire house requires so many different cleaners. You need one cleaner for the bathroom tile, one for the mirrors, another for the toilet, and one more for the grout… And that’s just for the bathroom. A lot of professional cleaners, however, bring their own [...]

How to Tell When Your Carpet or Rug Should be Replaced

The best way to get the most out of your rug or carpet is to provide regular maintenance along with yearly professional carpet cleanings for a thorough deep clean.  However, no matter how consistent you are with your cleaning efforts, there will still come a day when your rug or carpet will become worn out [...]

Secrets to Excellent Carpet Maintenance

The carpet experiences wear and tear everyday from the constant foot traffic and as a result it picks up dirt and debris that needs to be cleaned out to maintain its condition.  Professional carpet cleanings once a year are beneficial for maintaining the look and cleanliness of the carpet but it is up to the [...]

Residential vs. Commercial Carpets: Differences and Cleaning

Carpeting in commercial and residential settings experiences a lot of daily foot traffic and must be maintained on a regular basis to improve its look and extend its life.  Many carpet cleaning professionals such as Green T Carpet Cleaning provide services for homes and commercial settings to keep their carpets cleaned and well maintained.  There [...]

Choosing Padding for your Carpet

Every carpet installation in a home requires padding to be installed with it and there are just as many varieties of carpet padding available as there is carpeting.  Carpet padding is available in different styles and is typically made from materials such as sponge rubber, foam rubber, urethane foam, bonded urethane, and felted combinations.  The [...]

Choosing the Right Type of Carpet for Your Home

The carpet is one of the most important furnishings as it contributes much to the look and comfort of your home.  Lush carpeting is much more comfortable to walk on than hard surface floors and the various colors and fiber types available allow for plenty of design options.  A good quality carpet can be quite [...]