You Just Had Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned, Now What?

It is generally recommended throughout the carpet cleaning industry that homeowners should have their carpets cleaned at least once a year, but in between professional cleanings it is up to the homeowners to maintain their carpets. Professional cleanings remove dirt and grime that is embedded deep in the fibers that will not come out with [...]

Controlling Pet Odor

If you live in one of the millions of American homes that own at least one pet, then you are aware of the range of smells and odors that they can cause.  Dogs and cats are the biggest culprits of pet related odors as they constantly release dander and hair that collects in the furniture [...]

Spring Carpet Care Tips

Now that the spring season is finally starting to show itself in the Chicago area, our homes can open up to receive the warmer weather and fresh air. However, the pleasant air is not all you invite in, dirt and debris from outside gets tracked in the house and may even come in with the [...]