How to Protect Your Floors During the Holidays

How to Protect Your Floors During the Holidays When the holiday season is here, there is always a lot of work and preparation to do. Shopping, presents, and cooking, oh my! One thing you may be overlooking though is preparing your floors for the holiday season. Taking care of the floors is not the first job [...]

Top 8 Reasons To Clean Your Carpets Before Winter

Clean your carpets BEFORE winter? Shouldn't you be waiting until after winter to get your carpets cleaned? They're only going to get dirty with dirt and mud anyway. While it's true that your carpeting is likely to get dirty during the snowy and slushy winter months, that doesn't mean you should just do nothing and let [...]

Tips to Clean Your House Faster Than Ever

Don't spend a whole day cleaning your home! Use these tricks to clean faster and save yourself time to relax on your weekend instead. 15 Tips to Clean Faster Have a System Clean Top to Bottom, Left to Right Squeegee Windows for a Streak-Free Finish Keep Proper Tools at the Ready Get Proactive Dust Without [...]

The Myths and Facts about Carpet Cleaning

With many products, carpet cleaning methods, and carpet cleaning professionals out there it is easy to receive contradicting information. This can make things overwhelming and confused carpet owners, but it doesn't have to be that way. Since it is necessary that you get the facts straight, we want to share a couple of myths and [...]

Hardwood Floors in The Winter

Anyone else feel like they can’t keep their hardwood floors clean this winter? Feel like you’re constantly busting out the Swiffer to get rid of those footprints and paw prints that being tracked across the floor? Here are a few helpful tips that may help limit your floor cleaning. Buy a weather durable mat. Put [...]

Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

Regular maintenance is a necessity if you want your hardwood floors always looking their best and to get the most years out of them. Some of the techniques are simple and don’t require a lot of time, but when you want to give your floors a deep cleaning, call the professionals at Green T. Regular [...]