How to Remove Paint from Carpet

  How to Remove Paint from Carpet There are very good chances to stain your carpet when you live with children. It can be very overwhelming to have those spots on the carpet. Sometimes stains can be hard to remove. It is not difficult to remove those stains, here are some useful tips for your [...]

Tips to Clean Your House Faster Than Ever

Don't spend a whole day cleaning your home! Use these tricks to clean faster and save yourself time to relax on your weekend instead. 15 Tips to Clean Faster Have a System Clean Top to Bottom, Left to Right Squeegee Windows for a Streak-Free Finish Keep Proper Tools at the Ready Get Proactive Dust Without [...]

How to Keep New Carpet Looking New

In this post we will review what you need to do for a long lasting and fresh looking carpet. What damages your carpet? Your carpet will get the most wear and tear where there is the most traffic. Well-traveled areas, such as staircases, entryways, and in front of couches and chairs will show damage sooner [...]

The Myths and Facts about Carpet Cleaning

With many products, carpet cleaning methods, and carpet cleaning professionals out there it is easy to receive contradicting information. This can make things overwhelming and confused carpet owners, but it doesn't have to be that way. Since it is necessary that you get the facts straight, we want to share a couple of myths and [...]

Getting Mud Out of Your Carpet!

Spring time and storm season is almost upon us, and with it comes lots and lots of mud. Whether it's from our kids or our pets, mud season is on its way. Here's a foolproof way to get the mud out of the carpet if it makes it further than the door. Step 1: Let [...]

Tips for pet owners on keeping carpets clean.

Pet owners often struggle with keeping the carpet free of stains and the upholstery free of hair. But before looking up the nearest carpet cleaning professional, check underneath the kitchen sink. “Vacuuming would be the best thing to do, with a well-working vacuum or sweeper,” says Robert Warden, owner of Cleaning Connection. “Sometimes that doesn’t [...]

How to keep carpets in selling condition throughout the holiday season!

Winter snow, sleet and ice equal dirty, salty, muddy shoes and boots. And with the holidays approaching, homeowners are trying to keep their homes in tip-top shape — especially if they are considering selling anytime soon. With this in mind, I emailed Jotham Hatch, home safety and allergen expert at Chem-Dry, a carpet and upholstery [...]

8 Amazing Fall Cleaning Tips [Hire GreenT for help!]

Fall is upon us and your bi-annual cleaning regimen is too! We know you save some of your cleaning tasks for this time of year, so we've compiled a helpful list of the top cleaning tasks to accomplish this fall. Deep clean your carpets: You may vacuum and spot clean regularly, but your carpet needs [...]

3 Important Carpet Stain Cleaning Tips During Football Season

Football Season is Upon UsFall means football and football means parties. While cheering on your favorite team can get exciting, removing that cheese dip stain from the chip you dropped while jumping off the couch in excitement is not. Don’t worry. We've got some advice on how to keep those game day carpet stains under [...]