Care Tips for Oriental Rugs

Rugs are a very common floor covering that can be used throughout a home and the right rug can really enhance the look of a room.  Oriental rugs are an especially popular choice because of their beauty, durability, and versatility in style, yet they must be properly maintained in order to maximize their longevity.  Professional [...]

Treating Common Stains on Natural and Synthetic Carpet

The number one enemy to any type of carpet is stains and when a stain occurs, it is crucial that you act immediately to remove it.  There are many ways to remove stains yourself using common household items but the type of carpet you own may determine which materials and methods are the best to [...]

Prepare your Carpet for Holiday Festivities

With the holidays right around the corner, many of us are preparing to host close friends and family for holiday feasts and celebrations in our homes.  This means that the carpeting and furniture of your home will experience much more foot traffic than normal with a greater chance of food or drink spills.  As you [...]

Six Benefits of Carpet as a Flooring Option

When a homeowner decides to get new flooring for specific rooms or the entire home, there are many flooring types to consider.  While certain rooms may be better suited for hard flooring types, the most popular flooring option is carpet.  Carpet is a great option for most rooms of a home and it has benefits [...]

Avoid Using These Products on Your Carpet

The carpet is one if the first things that people notice when they walk into your home and it is also the home furnishing that is the most susceptible to stains.  Carpets can become stained in a variety of ways such as food or drink spills, pet accidents, and tracking in mud among many others.  [...]

The Hazards of Pet Stains on Floors and Carpets

Pet owners know that even the most well trained pets can occasionally have accidents in the home and leave messes on the carpet or flooring.  When a pet accident occurs, it is important to clean up the mess immediately because it can cause permanent staining as well as health and revisit issues from the odor.  [...]

When to Clean Commercial Carpet

The carpeting in a commercial building is exposed to a lot of foot traffic throughout the day which eventually leads to dirt build-ups and general wear and tear that could affect its longevity.  Performing general maintenance and cleaning routinely is beneficial for the carpet as well as occasionally hiring a professional service to clean the [...]

Common Myths Concerning Carpets and Allergies

One of the main reasons that homeowners generally have their carpets cleaned is to eliminate the bacteria and allergens hidden in the carpet fibers.  It is widely believed that allergens caught in the carpet accumulate and can trigger allergic reactions within the home.  While there is some element of truth to these sentiments, the risk [...]

Cleaning Stairway Carpet

Areas of carpeting in a home that have the highest volume of foot traffic, such as stairways, tend to get worn and dirty pretty quickly.  Stairways are used quite frequently and in homes with carpeted stairways; the constant walks up and down the stairs can wear down the carpet.  The stairway carpeting must be maintained [...]

Getting Stains Out of Furniture Upholstery

With the amount of time that people spend lounging on their furniture, a spill is bound to happen and stain the upholstery.  The only sure way to protect upholstered furniture from stains is to cover it in plastic but these covers make furniture unattractive and uncomfortable.  Therefore it is important to know to remove stains [...]