Fall is upon us and your bi-annual cleaning regimen is too! We know you save some of your cleaning tasks for this time of year, so we’ve compiled a helpful list of the top cleaning tasks to accomplish this fall.

  1. Deep clean your carpets: You may vacuum and spot clean regularly, but your carpet needs a deep clean at least yearly, to extend it’s life and appearance. Have your carpets professionally cleaned for the best results.
  2. Clear your gutters. Debris from the rainy fall weather often clogs your gutters and prevents drainage. Clear the gutters to allow snow and rain to drain properly as the seasons change.
  3. Test smoke detectors and CO2 monitors. Change your batteries!
  4. Replace your furnace filter. You want to have clean air circulating through your home all winter. Make sure your furnace filter is new and have your air ducts cleaned for the best results.
  5. Sweep the chimneys. Chimney debris and buildup can lead to uncontrollable fires. Maintain your fireplace safety by having it professionally cleaned.
  6. Clean your window treatments. Vacuum any dust for moderate cleaning. If your treatments need a deep clean, have them professionally cleaned.
  7. Clean upholstery. Spot clean and vacuum as much as you can, and hire a cleaning team to take care of deep stains or thorough cleaning.
  8. Rake falling leaves aside. You’ll need to do this throughout the season, but if you don’t it can create a mold and fungus breeding ground for your lawn.

Luckily for you, many of these task can be taken care of by a Green T professional. Click any of the links to learn more about our variety of professional services and make your cleaning jobs easy this season!